About Us

At Restock Tech, we are more than just a financial and technology partner. We are dedicated to empowering and nurturing small and medium-scale businesses with high growth potential, aiming to create future champions in their respective industries. Our vision is to actively participate in building and collaborating with local creative entrepreneurs, supporting the government’s initiative to boost local products and propel them onto the global stage. We also bridge the gap for investors seeking alternative investment opportunities in supporting modern MSMEs.

Why we do it

We believe in the potential of rising stars – small to medium-scale businesses that possess the qualities of future champions. By supporting and empowering these businesses, we contribute to their growth and success.

We actively seek to build meaningful partnerships with local creative entrepreneurs, leveraging their unique ideas and talents to create a thriving ecosystem of innovation and success.

Restock Tech is committed to supporting the local brand movement. By collaborating with the government, we strive to boost the visibility and market presence of local products, helping them reach a global audience.

We provide alternative investment products for investors who are eager to support the growth of modern MSMEs. Through our platform, they can contribute to the development of these businesses and diversify their investment portfolios.

How we do it

Growth Hacking

Restock Tech offers growth focused solutions that support lean businesses. Our inventory based lending, warehousing and fulfillment, and technology solutions are designed to enable businesses to scale efficiently and effectively.

Good Karma

We foster strong customer relationships by genuinely understanding our clients' businesses and aligning our products and services to their needs. This approach ensures customer stickiness and long-term partnerships.

Learning System

Our technology-driven approach leverages big data optimization and an open-API credit scoring system. By utilizing real-time data from multiple endpoints, we provide robust credit scoring for lending purposes, enabling us to make data-driven decisions and support our clients effectively.

Connected Solution

We collaborate closely with our solution partners to identify hidden value throughout the supply chain. By aggregating data and optimizing operations, we enhance efficiencies, reduce costs, and unlock growth opportunities for our clients.