Our Businesses

Restock Tech operates as a core P2P lending platform, specializing in inventory financing. Our business model is built upon strategic partnerships within our ecosystem, allowing us to develop tailored products that meet the unique needs of businesses.

In addition to lending services, we cross-sell relevant IT solutions to clients in the e-commerce industry. By strengthening our credit scoring model through partnerships and leveraging technology, we empower businesses with the tools and resources they need to thrive in the digital landscape.

Restock Tech manages its own warehouse and fulfillment services, which we offer to clients. Additionally, we collaborate with trusted partners to provide comprehensive supply chain solutions. By aggregating suppliers and optimizing logistics, we streamline operations and drive efficiency for businesses.

Leveraging our robust data capabilities, we provide SME credit scoring services to lending partners. By aggregating and validating multiple data points, we offer accurate credit assessments, enabling lenders to make informed decisions and support the growth of MSMEs.